Using Your Oils

Starter Kit Made Easy

Young Living’s premium starter kits are the best bang for your buck. But where to start? These 12 little bottles can be overwhelming at first. Many times, they are even left unopened! And that is such a bummer. Not anymore! I have created a place for people to share their oily ideas and uses. A community where we can assist each other with our oil discoveries. Where oils are out of the box and changing people’s lives.

Whether you have purchased one of the Young Living premium starter kits or are just looking to try a few for now. This will get you grabbing those oils every day.

The basic ways to integrate into your home:

* Inhale – deep breaths of the bottle or by diffusing 

* Topically – apply directly to the skin or diluted with a carrier oil

* Ingest – through drops placed in water or foods or by gelatin capsule 

(YL white bottles ONLY! – Don’t ever ingest that Grocery Store toxic stuff!) Although Young Living has their SeedtoSeal requirements which mean quality products from quality sources and that everything is above organic level standards.   It is crucial to tap into your intuition and feel what is best for you and your body.   

Click on the oil pic to learn more and feel free to share any tips that could assist others.

The oils only work when we are using them. 

Let the fun begin!