Young Living Kits

Essential Oils & More

Oils in my purse.

White Angelica for protection.

Release to let go of any energies I might have absorbed.

Surrender to allow my day to unfold.

My Hormone Helpers.

SclarEssence to keep those moods nice and even.

Progressence Plus for some harmony and balance.

EndoFlex a calming and energizing aroma.

Daily Diffusing.

Citrus Fresh to cleanse the air with an uplifting aroma.

Christmas Spirit aroma evokes joy, comfort, and happiness.

Pine a grounding oil that can help repel negative energies.

Brain Fog and Headaches be gone.

Peppermint invigorating aroma to lift spirits and sooth fatigued muscles.

Clarity for focus of the spirit and the mind.

A few drops of each breathe and apply to the back of the neck.