New Ideas! New Life!

Begins with you wanting to create it

Life Coach

Hi, I’m Rhonda and I’m a life coach.

I love life coaching. I really love to coach those who want off the hamster wheel of life. I love to assist people in finding their passion. Life coaching is for people who are ready for bigger things and better ideas. People who are ready to explore. People who are ready to reclaim their power.

“Rhonda helped me find balance again.”

“I am beyond grateful for my life coach experience with Rhonda and treasure all that I have learned from her.”

“I would recommend visiting/life coaching with Rhonda no matter the journey you’re going through.”

“By receiving coaching from her, my own thinking has shifted.”

Client’s Coaching Experiences

I was at a point in my life that I knew I needed a change but was unsure of what direction to take. I didn’t know what a life coach was, what it would look like, or what would be involved. Rhonda made the transition very comfortable and proved she was very knowledgeable in multiple avenues. She helped give me a drive for my goals and supported me in various steps through my new life journey. She also held me accountable, which I needed. I dug down deep and discovered some gunk that I was holding on to for many years of my life. Rhonda taught me to let go of negative emotions that were holding me back and replacing them with positive ones. If you are looking for a positive life change, in any aspect, I would highly recommend Rhonda. It is never too late to change your life journey and Rhonda will be there to help guide you through it!

-Kelsey K.

Before my coaching experience, I most likely wouldn’t have been able to tell you how I truly felt as I didn’t know how to, understand how to, or practice checking in on myself, also, “letting go” and “allowing” were words I could hardly speak let alone act on.  Fast forward six months . . . . I now know how to, understand how to, and practice (almost) daily checking in my on myself and making sure I am taking care of myself first.  I have also made huge leaps in the art of “letting go” and “allowing” so I am beyond grateful for my coaching experience with Rhonda and treasure all that I have learned from her.  It was an amazing experience with many positive outcomes.  Looking forward to working with her again in the future!

-Tamie B.

I’m an elementary school teacher and I received coaching from Rhonda throughout this last school year and Rhonda helped me in ways I never thought possible, she really assisted me in looking inside myself for the inner strength I knew I had all along. She guided me to see things in a different and more positive way, so that I could make the necessary shifts to change my thought process and handle stress differently. I felt such a change in myself both in my home life and my work life. She helped me find balance again. I would highly recommend coaching with Rhonda if you want to learn how to shift your mindset to help change your life!

Kate S.

As an administrator, working with Rhonda has helped empower my teachers. By receiving coaching from her, my own thinking has shifted. Rhonda shows me how to support teachers as they grapple with new thoughts and behaviors. The support she gives allows me to coach teachers in a way that gives them permission and encourages confidence. Without her, I could not continue to challenge teachers in the way that shifts their thinking and empowers them to create change in our educational system.

Meagan S.

I was lost and confused on what I would like to do with my future. Luckily through visits with Rhonda, I was able to learn about myself, discover my passions, and figure out what path I would like my life to be on. It was helpful that she keeps an open mind with always knowing your true intention to ensure you don’t lose sight of your needs and desires. It’s nothing but positive energy to be around her and I’ve continued to go back a couple times a month for over a year! I would recommend visiting/coaching with Rhonda no matter the journey you’re going through.

-Sam K.