Digize Essential Oil


Made with essential oils from plants long associated with digestive support, Digize Essential Oil is a great complement to any meal, so you can enjoy the food you eat and the people you dine with! DiGize Vitality includes oil from fennel seeds—which some cultures munch on after meals—as well as Ginger, Peppermint, and other powerful oils. This rich, potent blend of essential oils gives DiGize Vitality a spicy scent and flavor that supports your digestive system.* 

Suggested Uses for Digize Essential Oil

  • Add DiGize Vitality to a capsule and take it daily to help support the digestive system.* 
  • Make a soothing tea with antioxidant properties by adding honey and DiGize Vitality.*
  • When traveling, inhale it directly from the bottle for soothing comfort.
  • Take DiGize Vitality and Essentialzymes-4™ before your meals to support wellness.* 

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