Are you ready to vibe high? 💫

All these beautiful oils are in stock AND are ready to raise your vibe!
Literally! Young Living oils can shift the lower depressed feelings and negative attitudes just by inhaling and applying the essential oil to the body.

Inhaling oils is so powerful because the sense of smell directly affects the amygdala, the part of the brain the stores emotions and memory. 
They can have an immediate and profound physiological and psychological effects. Everything that lives has a frequency whether it be flower, plant, tree, herb, mineral, rock, crystal, gemstone, animal, liquid, human life, and even essential oils.
The human body frequency ranges from 62-78 Megahertz (MHz).
Young Living oils frequency ranges from 54 to 428 MHz 
(Idaho Blue Spruce being the highest followed by Rose oil at 320 MHz). 
Imagine your vibration now!

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