Life Coach Speaking

Life Coach speaker

“I have never seen this group so engaged and focused.” 

This is a comment said after one of my speaking engagements. Having a life coach as a speaker we have a real conversation and no matter the size of the group my focus is that each person leaves with a shift from within. 

“Thank you for so much for sharing your time and talents”

-CORE Women

“I attended the CORE Women event at the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber EDC back in August. The session was called “A Happier Life Starts With You!” featuring Rhonda Brinkman. I have been privileged to receive one-on-one coaching from Rhonda and I was excited to see her working with a larger group. The room was full of women and Rhonda began by telling us all a little of her story about her journey from the education system into life coaching. But we didn’t sit and listen for long as she had some work for us to do. We did some reflecting and writing and then she asked us to pair up with the person next to us and share some of our thoughts. We did this several times. Each time a few people volunteered to share out what they had talked about. Rhonda has a gift for asking authentic and meaningful questions. The discussion was powerful, including a lot of laughter and even tears. I believe this was a session that could have continued all day long! The women were engaged and excited. Everyone left with something they could take and work on to create more happiness in their lives.”

“If you are looking to help your employees shift their mindset into a more productive, loving, or enthusiastic one, Rhonda is the person to call. She is very genuine and entertaining. If you and your team are willing to be open and do some work, you will be delighted to see what shifting your mind and energy can do for your life and your business. It is worth your time to explore the power of coaching with Rhonda!”

Maggie B 

Rhonda will help make shift happen with your team with life coach speaking!

What an amazing staff to coach at Wing Public School. So blessed to help make shift happen for teachers that are wanting so much better for their students and themselves.

“The day after our talk, I spent the entire period brainstorming with my class.”

“I now take time for just me to do what I need to prepare mentally for the day. Thank you!”

“By receiving life coaching from her, my own thinking has shifted.”

CORE Women Bismarck-Mandan is a networking group that meets quarterly. It was an honor to be the presenter for August. This was great energetic group of ladies!

“I enjoyed your presentation today at the Chamber.”

Thanks again Rhonda for presenting at our Core Women’s Event. I needed it!!!”

“Thanks for presenting at CORE last Friday, I really enjoyed the activities.”

“The value you are adding to the women here today goes beyond the words that can be express”

Why not discuss how we play at the 
BSC staff day. Such a fun and willing audience!
Host’s experiences:
Rhonda did a great job as keynote speaker starting out the 2018 North Dakota Counseling Conference. She reminded people to look within to set goals and inspire wellness. Rhonda provided tools for self-reflection and allowed enough time for people to actually write some thoughts down.     –NDCA President-Elect
Such a privilege to present for the Mor-Gran-Sou staff.They were so open minded about finding more passion in their lives. 

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