Stopping the Distractions…

It has been a while.
A lot has changed.
(Inside mostly.)
Took the time.
To truly take care of me.
(Much harder than it sounds.)
Had to stop the distractions.
Spent months on me and my triggers.
Quite a dance!
Healing wounds means
looking at them.
Not pretty.
So much easier helping others.
Telling myself they needed me
and I was fine.
Such a distraction.
Needed to stop.
Finally had to admit that.
Since the deep dark was bubbling up.
Fast and Furious.
Ohh the anger.
The grief.
The pain.
Stuffed down.
Now oozing out.
Not fun but had to be done.
The way of the future.
Service to others must start within our souls.
Digging Deep.
Stopping the distractions.

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