You are ready for a Coaching Call.

And you want the change.

When people are ready to hire a coach, it is because they truly want change and they are willing to try anything. They want life to look differently and have lost site of their hopes and dreams.

They have been caught in the vortex of life. Despite how many times they have tried to change. It was too hard to do it alone. 

Through my own life journey and coaching people, I have discovered those who make the biggest shift want it the most.

Do any of these sound like you:

I want to take charge of my life.

I want to be held accountable for my goals.

I want my dreams to come true.

I want to find my passion for life.

I want to quit people pleasing.

I want to stop feeling stuck.

I want to have more fun!

Let’s have a conversation.

Coaching is not for you if…

you are not willing to take the steps.

you just want to complain.

you are making excuses.

you continue to blame others.

you dance around the real issues. 

I am extremely grateful for the coaching sessions I have had with Rhonda. When I first met Rhonda huge changes were occurring in my life. While working with me, Rhonda has helped me navigate through these changes by helping me reach places inside myself that I never knew existed. Her assistance has helped me see and feel what I need to do to find my place in this world.

Rhonda also has the ability to ask the right questions at the right time. These questions have helped me peel back years of self-doubt and self-analysis, while also helping me refocus on my goals and the steps I need to reach these goals.

Working with Rhonda has been one of the best things I have done for myself. I highly recommend reaching out to her if you have lost direction in your life and need someone to help you get back on your right path.

Lauren W.

What it looks like to work with Rhonda:

  • Commitment: Clients commit to a time-frame of six to twelve months. During this time, we will create a schedule to ensure you are getting the support you need to crush your goals, dream bigger, and break the rules. Clients receive coaching anywhere from four-two times a month. Each time we coach, the client leaves with homework. This is the work each must do on themselves: rid bad habits, create new habits, journaling to reflect are just some examples. Each task is small but the small shifts are the ones that make the largest impact.
  • Accountability: Clients are held accountable to their own dreams, beliefs, goals, and life. Each client once had a vision for the life they wanted. Somehow, the vision has been side-tracked. Rhonda will help each client create the steps to shift their life in the direction they want.
  • Investment: Clients will invest in themselves. This is a process and the money invested into coaching with Rhonda is really money invested into each client’s dreams, goal, vision, and life. You must ask, what are my dreams worth? When you realize you need a coach to reach your dreams, you are ready to invest.

Be ready to crush some goals and hold on.  Rhonda has helped me unravel who I really am.  In return, it has shifted my perspective on how l can live and ENJOY my life as an entrepreneur, chiropractor, sole business owner, introvert, empath, health conscious person…so many titles right? She has creatively coached me through acknowledging who I am, finding out what drives me, along with what gets in the way, and we brainstorm solutions so I can enjoy every single aspect of my life.  Oh AND I am crushing some big goals in all areas at this point.  I can’t imagine not having someone to hold me accountable to my dreams so they really can come true!

  -Josi J.

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