About my local life…

I love to seek and ask lots of questions. Being a very inquisitive and curious person with a passion for big-picture thinking was not the type of personality that fit into the rules and boxes of teaching. Eventually, I left the profession after 20 years.

Now, years after I sprung from the box of school, my eyes have been opened to all the wonderful things life has to offer. The local life is incredible in Mandan ND! 

What I have discovered is that our Bismarck/Mandan area has grown. It has a flair and a creative entrepreneurial vibe. 

While that is amazing, many local businesses and people are unheard of or are rarely supported. Let’s change this!

 It is essential to promote within our local community. It invites freedom, creativity, and power. And less people living in “boxes.”

This brings in another passion of mine: I love to recommend services and goods. From a new local service, to a scrumptious menu item or a good book, it lights me up to tell others about great things. My hope is to help light up our community by building more local North Dakota connections, and inspiring you to do the same.

It’s local, it’s freedom, and it’s a whole lot of fun!

About my home life…

  • Born and raised in Bismarck North Dakota. Moved just cross the river to north Mandan over 20 years ago.
  • Am a huge home body and an introvert in many ways.
  • Easily entertained by Priscilla my cat.
  • Love to read, write, cook, and watch cheesy Hallmark like movies.
  • My summer fun is gardening, planting flowers, and watching sunsets on the deck.

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