Hire a coach. It’s worth it.

Yes! You are worth it! It can be scary to make a change. Even though I have stepped away from coaching one-on-one I still have requests to coach. So I have a list of a few people to recommend for excellent coaching. One being Meagan Sharp. She is someone who gets change and knows firsthand how muchContinue reading “Hire a coach. It’s worth it.”

Down Home with Brenda Ternes

Down Home with Brenda Ternes I met Brenda Ternes many moons ago while shopping at I. Keating Furniture World in Bismarck, ND. For years she would assist me in finding the perfect pieces for my home. During my many shopping visits, Brenda would frequently talk about her dream of opening a local general store. LikeContinue reading “Down Home with Brenda Ternes”

Perfect Planning with Chelly Ontis

I am super pumped to have guest blogger Chelly Ontis; a local ND business owner that has been working out of her home for over 25 years (way before it was cool). She is a crafter, creative, graphic designer, and marketing expert that knows what it takes to make a small business work. Chelly’s years of expertiseContinue reading “Perfect Planning with Chelly Ontis”

Savvy Owl: A reason to go to the Kirkwood Mall

I used to be someone who could spend hours at the mall. In fact, if I would be visiting another town or on a trip, it was a must to go to their mall. I loved to search for stores that we did not have in ND. And of course, eat at the food court.Continue reading “Savvy Owl: A reason to go to the Kirkwood Mall”

3 Reasons to Attend the 6th annual Winter White Party

If you haven’t attended the annual Winter White Party; this is the year to start. The remarkable event will be held on January 27th from 6:00-8:30 is an amazing benefit for Tracy’s Sanctuary House. Tracy’s is an adorable house located in Bismarck ND that provides a home away from home to out-of-town family members whileContinue reading “3 Reasons to Attend the 6th annual Winter White Party”

Stop with the resolutions! 3 tips for January fun.

Did you follow through with last year’s resolution? Do you even remember it? If you do, pat yourself on the back. But for the rest of the real world, maybe it is time to stop trying to attain the unattainable. What if you just didn’t make one this year? How would it feel? Lofty resolutionsContinue reading “Stop with the resolutions! 3 tips for January fun.”

I am a sucker for Hallmark Movies

I am a sucker for Hallmark Movies. And I especially love Christmas ones. There is something about the small-town community spirit, decorations, and music that has my heart warming every time. I have noticed each year that the plots are becoming a bit more creative while still keeping with the spirit of the shows. WonderingContinue reading “I am a sucker for Hallmark Movies”

Our Hallmark town in Mandan North Dakota.

I was sitting in my favorite beer parlor that I frequent more often than I want to admit. Black Lions has the “Cheers” feel: where everybody knows your name. (You sang it in your head, didn’t you?)  I enjoy listening and watching people. I often sit at the bar and visit with Garrett, the owner,Continue reading “Our Hallmark town in Mandan North Dakota.”

Are you ready to vibe high? 💫

All these beautiful oils are in stock AND are ready to raise your vibe!Literally! Young Living oils can shift the lower depressed feelings and negative attitudes just by inhaling and applying the essential oil to the body. Inhaling oils is so powerful because the sense of smell directly affects the amygdala, the part of the brain theContinue reading “Are you ready to vibe high? 💫”