No need to wait for the Wizard of Oz!

Ways to tap into your inner Dorothy… Begin with visualizing your Yellow Brick Road. How are you moving forward on your journey? Is it step-by-step or plowing through? Are you stopping along the way to enjoy things or complaining the entire way? Everything about your journey is up to you. You are in charge. DoesContinue reading “No need to wait for the Wizard of Oz!”

Jovial Journaling: The power behind the pen to paper.

Whether you are new to journaling or have been doing it for years, This daily practice can unleash your self expression and bring new awareness to your life. Writing in a journal or diary needs to be free flowing and without judgement. It is for your eyes only and it is a practice you canContinue reading “Jovial Journaling: The power behind the pen to paper.”

“We are here to be creators not reactors.”

“We are here to be creators not reactors.” This is my new favorite quote. I stumbled on it while listening to Abraham Hicks. It had me thinking about how much time we spend in our lives in reaction mode. What is interesting about that is we don’t have to be. When thinking about creation manyContinue reading ““We are here to be creators not reactors.””

“Never thought I’d hire a coach”

This is a comment I frequently hear from clients after we have decided to work together. It is funny sometimes where life takes you. For me, hiring my first coach was the best investment I ever made. Why? It was the first time someone gave me permission to think of me first. My coach trulyContinue reading ““Never thought I’d hire a coach””

More Than a Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there were stories we told ourselves. Stories of fear doubt lack disbelief unworthiness guilt and many other things to scare us. These stories do not lead to happy endings. What scary stories are you telling yourself that keeps you from living the best life? How would it feel to change them?Continue reading “More Than a Bedtime Story”