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I am very inquisitive and curious person; I want to figure things out. I love to seek knowledge to an almost obsessive point. I have a passion for big-picture thinking. As I came to the realization that I am not great at following rules, I left the teaching profession after 20 years. My soul craved freedom and creativity and I knew I could not get working in a school system.

People thought I was crazy and many still do. Most say, “I could never leave my job and start a business.” Few people ask, “How did you do it?” And even fewer ask, “Could I be like her and do that…?” This makes me wonder why? Why aren’t people more curious? Why is the first comment usually “I could never…”?

Instead I ask people, “What if you could?” or “Can you go to the land of make-believe?” (like Mr. Rogers). 

I try not to take myself and life too seriously. I laugh. I laugh A LOT. But I am serious; serious about coaching people into a life they want. Coaching people who want to find their passion, who want outside the box, and who want to break some rules. This is the work that has brought me freedom, creativity and lots of fun. 

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