Savvy Owl: A reason to go to the Kirkwood Mall

I used to be someone who could spend hours at the mall. In fact, if I would be visiting another town or on a trip, it was a must to go to their mall. I loved to search for stores that we did not have in ND. And of course, eat at the food court. I even worked at a clothing store when I was in high school and college. I just loved shopping, especially at the mall. 

Well, that has changed in the past few years. I started finding the mall to be less exciting and no longer cared for the mass production of things. Also, I have become a huge supporter of locally owned shops and businesses. I really believe we need to get back to thinking about mom-and-pop-type shops. ‘Support your local businesses’ isn’t just a saying for me. It is something I try to live and be each time I decided to spend money. However, I usually don’t associate local businesses with the mall (which I know isn’t true and I am to change that thinking for me and many of you).

This past summer a friend had on some cute new clothes that I found different and fun. When I asked where she got them, she said Savvy Owl. I hadn’t heard of this store before. Because it was in the Kirkwood Mall and I rarely step foot in there. When she added that it was locally owned, I knew I definitely would be checking it out. I am glad I did. 

Savvy Owl is located in the Kirkwood Mall, Bismarck ND, and for those of you old-time mall rats, it is located in the Radio Shack former spot, and for the rest of you that is on the JC Penney side of the mall. 

Savvy Owl began out of the home of Melissa Reed around May of 2015. She was looking for a way to make some extra money because Melissa and her daughter had accumulated a lot of bills going through cancer treatments at Mayo. She wanted to try something unique by offering Facebook shopping. While there were a few other online boutiques, that did not hold Melissa back. She has a love for helping women feel good about themselves and her passion even had her delivering to customers’ homes in the early days of the FB store. 

In early 2017 with the FB business growing, Melissa decided to team up with a former regular customer and now good friend Justine Movchan to expand the clothing line. Justine wanted to start a fitness line and knew teaming up with Melissa was the way to go. Soon after, Justine had her brand picked out, Fierce Fitness Apparel. Together they would do pop-ups all over and ended up renting space in Barre MediSpa when it was located in Mandan. 

The business grew and eventually, the mall asked the ladies to occupy an open spot. In December of 2019, the Savvy Owl and Fierce Fitness Apparel moved into the Kirkwood Mall as a locally owned business. How cool is that!

There are so many things to love about Savvy Owl. First of all, their prices! The merchandise is affordable and of good quality. Plus, the service is wonderful and caring and the staff is helpful in finding me whatever I am looking for. Savvy Owl is constantly receiving new items and carries only a few of each piece on hand. While I like to have the latest styles, I do not want to look like I stepped out as a carbon copy of everyone else. 

Even the accessories are one of a kind and are locally made by Chantelle Foss. 

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Savvy Owl is a reason if not many reasons to head to the mall. To find unique pieces, be treated like a queen, and walk away feeling great about how the new Savvy clothes look on you. Remember supporting local businesses can be easy, affordable, and so much fun! 

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