Stop with the resolutions! 3 tips for January fun.

Did you follow through with last year’s resolution? Do you even remember it? If you do, pat yourself on the back. But for the rest of the real world, maybe it is time to stop trying to attain the unattainable. What if you just didn’t make one this year? How would it feel? Lofty resolutions could be causing you more harm than good.

Think about it. A new year starts and you make a resolution then by mid-January, you’re already beating yourself up for not following through. Kind of counterproductive if you ask me. 

So why not make this New Year look completely different. Ease into it. Let it be totally relaxing and fun. Extend the holiday cheer just a little bit longer. January is tough enough in North Dakota with the cold, long days, and dark nights. It only makes sense to enjoy the best way you can. Let me share three simple things you can do instead of making a resolution. 

1. Enjoy those extra pounds:

The holidays can be hard on the waistline but who cares. With the cold North Dakota winters, extra padding is good. Keeps you warmer. Now I am all for health and wellness but maybe wellness is about the acceptance of it all. Embrace being at home. Binge-watch something good on Netflix. Pop some popcorn and drink a little wine. Do a puzzle, read a book, take a nap. Be like a bear hibernating. Most of us are sleep-deprived and are exhausted, (especially after the holidays). Wrap up in your favorite blankie and welcome the new year in the coziness of your home. You deserve it. The winter months are harsh without all the pressure of the life-changing resolution hanging over your head.

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2. Keep that tree up:

There are actually studies that say holiday decorations can help with depression (go ahead research it). It definitely helps me. For years I have kept my tree up most of January. By taking the decorations off and leaving the lights on it makes for a nice transition. Put away the ornaments but keep the snowmen and wintery décor out. It could help with getting through those long January days in North Dakota. Besides who made the rule that it all has to come down after Christmas. Break the rules and start this New Year’s tradition. 

If you are feeling really ambitious, make your own snowman. Check out this No-Sew Snowman Pillow:

3. Get out of Bismarck and head to Mandan:

Maybe you might be feeling cabin fever especially when it is 40 below and outside isn’t an option. Admit it: many of you need a nudge to venture from Bismarck to Mandan. Well, now is the time!  Trying a new place can be just the thing to lift the spirits. Speaking of spirits…pop in and see the cool cats at Thomas & Moriarty’s bar in downtown Mandan. It is located on the corner of west main. Thomas & Moriarty’s has a calm and relaxing vibe. The décor will have you feeling like you have gone back in time. The owners are constantly using their mixology expertise to create interesting and unique drinks. I love trying the new combinations along with my go-to: an Old Fashioned served hot. While sipping and savoring your amazing drink; be sure to enjoy some food too. The Charcuterie boards and pot pies are delish. Your trip to Mandan will be worth crossing the river.

Whether or not you decide to make a resolution, just remember not to be so hard on yourself if you don’t. Keep the extra pounds for the warmth, embrace those decorations a little longer, and take in Mandan’s Thomas & Moriarty’s for a yummy cocktail. Your January will be much brighter!

Now you have permission to stop with the resolutions and enjoy this North Dakota January the easy way. 

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