Our Hallmark town in Mandan North Dakota.

I was sitting in my favorite beer parlor that I frequent more often than I want to admit. Black Lions has the “Cheers” feel: where everybody knows your name. (You sang it in your head, didn’t you?) 

I enjoy listening and watching people. I often sit at the bar and visit with Garrett, the owner, and Rob, a bartender. The other day, I was able to hear one of the happiest, most hallmark-type of conversation between these two.  

They were planning their upcoming Christmas event for children. They were giddy like children themselves, especially talking about Santa handing out presents. Garrett was describing how he wanted this winter-wonderland feel. I observed the enthusiasm and joy behind their words, planning food, toys, and fun for local kids, all free of charge to the community. I couldn’t help but catch their happiness and excitement to the point that it had me volunteering for the day. I did ask if there was free beer involved but Garrett made it clear this was all for the kids (which I love even more). This event truly does feel like something out of a Hallmark movie. 

See if you agree:

1.      Love for Community

Black Lions is teaming up with Dialectic Brewing who will provide the winter wonderland space along with Das Mountain for the delicious food. These local businesses are donating their time and resources to bring a positive community experience to our North Dakota town.

 2.      Spirit Lifter

Many locals have donated money and/or are volunteering to assist for this Christmas event. Christmas for kids but spirit lifting for the adults too! 

 3.      Warm our hearts  

Black Lions will use $1.00 from every beer purchased to buy the toys for the kids.

 4.      Will make us smile

Mandan locals Deb and Bill Pfau will be handing out presents as our very own Santa and Mrs. Claus. (Shhhh, don’t tell the children… or Garrett).

 5.      Family Friendly

Everyone is welcome and it is completely free.

Who knows? Maybe Mandan will get a visitor that will want to live in our small town forever.

Feeling the need for real life nostalgia?

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Then join our “winter wonderland in a small town” and see who acts crazier: the kids or Garrett.

Event: Black Lions Christmas

When: December 12, 2021

Time: 12:00-4:00

Where: Dialectic Brewing – 416 W Main Mandan

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