I am a sucker for Hallmark Movies

I am a sucker for Hallmark Movies. And I especially love Christmas ones. There is something about the small-town community spirit, decorations, and music that has my heart warming every time. I have noticed each year that the plots are becoming a bit more creative while still keeping with the spirit of the shows. Wondering about this, I did a little research and found that the Hallmark channel has started to invest more money into sets, writing, and production. It seems people are tired of the shock value and violence on television and are turning to Hallmark-type movies even if they are a bit cheesy. Well, I found this to be wonderful news! 

My 5 favorites so far this year:

1.      A Kiss Before Christmas:

It was fun to see Teri Hatcher (Joyce) and James Denton (Ethan) together as husband and wife in this magical movie. Ethan is stressed and overworked; has a visit with Santa and sort of mentions he wishes his life would have been different. Well Santa gives Ethan what he wants for Christmas… a new life. 

2.      A Mrs. Miracle Christmas:

Laurel and Will live with Laurel’s Nana. They have been struggling to have a baby and are in debt. Plus, Nana hasn’t been doing well and is in need of a temporary caregiver. Cue Mrs. Miracle (Caroline Rhea) to sprinkle her magic and zest everywhere. 

3.      A Timeless Christmas:

In 1903, hunky Charles is repairing a clock and “winds” up in present time. Ohh and the clock was engraved “wind once at Christmas moon, true love will find you soon”. Time will tell if that comes true. Will hunky Charles find true love? Only time will tell. 

4.      Five Star Christmas:

The Raulston children come home for Christmas to find their dad has turned their childhood home into a bed and breakfast. Open only a month, the family decides to pretend to be guests of the inn to get a good review from a travel blogger. Nothing could go wrong with that plan. 

5.      The Christmas Contest:

Exes Ben and Lara just happen to enter the same charity Christmas contest. They haven’t seen each other in years and are not on the best terms. Their competitive flairs make for an interesting contest and have you wondering who will win. Maybe a Christmas romance?

You can see why I am a sucker for these movies especially on a cold North Dakota day.  

Who doesn’t need a little more community, love, devotion, and romance? And a hope that Santa magic will sprinkle to our town. 

Are you a fan of Hallmark Christmas movies? What are your thoughts on my top 5?

Which did I encourage you to watch? Share in the comments! 

I am always looking for more so share your own favorites! 


4 thoughts on “I am a sucker for Hallmark Movies

  1. Thank you for sharing. Yes, I cannot watch the shoot and shock movies. I am going to try to catch some of these over the next couple of days. Merry Christmas.

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