Jackie’s Experience

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Just 6 months ago, I was spiritually, mentally and emotionally drained.  After meeting with Rhonda the first time, I knew I found my power partner. She had a way of keeping things light and optimistic that gave me so much hope again!  I was ready to begin taking ownership of my decisions.  I was craving the emotional guidance that she provided.  Not because I was an emotional rollercoaster, but because I needed a coach to guide me back to seeing my personal value and strengths I had forgotten on my ride.  

Many think of a life coach like a football coach, barking orders and commands as you run the plays. No, that wasn’t the case at all! She was not telling me WHAT to do, only teaching me HOW to coach myself, how to play-it-forward, especially when needed in a challenging time.  With her help, I learned that imposing shame and punishment does not create good lessons. Instead I have learned to come from a place of love and support.  I’ve learned to shift my thinking, asking, “Am I parenting out of love or fear right now?”  It’s a relief to embrace the truth: in the end, I’m not responsible for their decisions or behavior.  

Rhonda is a coach who helped me remember that I hold my own answers.  That I needed to do the committed, often uneasy, heart and mind work, and she would help me find those healing answers. She did and I am so thankful for her. 

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