No need to wait for the Wizard of Oz!

Ways to tap into your inner Dorothy…

Begin with visualizing your Yellow Brick Road. How are you moving forward on your journey? Is it step-by-step or plowing through? Are you stopping along the way to enjoy things or complaining the entire way? Everything about your journey is up to you. You are in charge. Does it feel that way? Why not? Maybe it is time to slip on some Ruby Red slippers, click your heels and find your power!

Your inner Lion/Lioness.

Let’s begin by talking about courage with the quote from Rollo May “The opposite of courage is not cowardice it is conformity.” Take a look all around and ask yourself where are you conforming? Is it just to please or comply? What does it look like to take one step on your Yellow Brick Road that is in the direction away from others’ views and beliefs? Does that sound exciting or scary? What if it meant you are following your heart?

Your heart.

Where is it in life? Do you listen deeply to it? Or are you like the Tin Man and really need help finding one? If you have lost yourself to things like conformity and no longer follow your own heart. There is still hope. Start by sitting with it each day. Ask your blood pumper want it truly needs. Listen. Breathe. Listen. Then take a step down the road toward your heart’s desires. Emily Dickinson said it best “The heart wants what it wants—or else it does not care”. Maybe that is what happened to the Tin Man’s heart?

Now your brain.

How can you get your heart and brain to work together? While we can understand why the scarecrow wanted a brain because being able to think is nice.  But when it comes to finding our inner Dorothy the intellect likes to fight with the heart. The brain wants to rationalize and argue things. Most of the time it is our egos. So how do we know? The more time we spend listening to our hearts the more we can tell if it is intuition or ego. From there you take the steps of courage and when the brain is in stereo screaming no (the flying monkeys). Be patient with your brain. Let it have its tantrums. This is when a journal dumping can be so powerful. For more guidance check out my blog on journaling:

Inner work.

To dig deeper into your inner Dorothy ask yourself a question: who are you waiting to save you? Like in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her friends wanted to meet the Wizard so he could fix them and their problems. They spent so much time looking for him while encountering lots of obstacles along the way. Imagine if they had just believed in themselves and had not given so much power to the Wizard? Right now, ask who or what are you giving your power to?

Finally, ask how it would feel to follow your heart, take steps of courage (away from conforming) and create a simple plan with that beautiful brain on your very own Yellow Brick Road? How would it feel?

Ready to dive deeper into your inner Dorothy?

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