Why hire a life coach?

While there are many sites and posts on the internet to provide you with information on why a person would hire a life coach, I thought sharing real life and actual reasons why people decided to hire me to be their coach would be more beneficial.

To list just a few…

  1. To start a business and write a book.
  2. To stop people pleasing and be better at setting boundaries.
  3. Let go of things from the past and start to enjoy the present and future
  4. Create a plan to leave a current job and pursue something new.
  5. Provide accountability for goals and for a more focused life.
  6. Help a business thrive and pay off debt.
  7. To become financially free.
  8. To create more peace and be present.
  9. Design ways to find more enjoyment and passion in current job
  10. Pursue a dream of being pilot.

These reasons to hire coach came from my actual clients who stepped out of their comfort zone to dive into a very different way to look at their lives. By working with me, they were able to shift their thinking and patterns to pursue whatever their hearts desired.

Is it time for you to hire a life coach and have a person to provide a new view and perspective on how your life could be?

I will push you to think outside the box and hold you accountable to move towards those hopes and dreams. AND maybe even make them come true.

It is up to you!

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