“We are here to be creators not reactors.”

“We are here to be creators not reactors.”

This is my new favorite quote. I stumbled on it while listening to Abraham Hicks. It had me thinking about how much time we spend in our lives in reaction mode. What is interesting about that is we don’t have to be. When thinking about creation many times we believe it is more about being an artist, painter, or decorator. Creation can be anything that starts from one thing then changes or shifts to another.

AND yes your day-to-day life can be created.

Start with a simple chart.

How many times did you react to today? How much of your day did you create?

Tally the ways… IIII IIII IIII III

The first step is admitting and recognizing how many times you reacted today.

Create a change of one thing for the next day.

Maybe smile more, be grateful, stand in your super power!

How did it feel?

Rinse and repeat the next day and the day after that.


You are starting to be a creator!

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