Words with Friends metaphor.

Yes, I love the Words with Friends game. While it is a guilty pleasure, I do believe it is great brain-work too. Recently when I was playing, I began to think about this game as a perfect life metaphor. (If you have never played Words with Friends, it is basically Scrabble on an electronic device). I was wanting a certain letter to create a high scoring word. I became fixated on creating this word and kept trying to make it work. But there was no way since I didn’t have all the letters. I even put the game down and came back to it. Later, I begrudgingly played a word as I waited for the magical letters to appear. I was trying to force my letters into an 100-point word score! So, here I was obsessed with this word and was playing mediocre word tiles and hardly trying. Soon I was losing big time and the game was almost over as I slumbered through to finish the game.

Funny thing is the 100-point words usually happen organically without trying too hard. And I really don’t play Words to win big or even to win. I do it for fun! I enjoy the strategy and connecting with a few friends. Many times, when I let go of playing the “magical” word I am able to create even better words. This had me pondering: Why is it at times so hard to let go and move on? Thinking about this like the game of life, where are we fixating? How many times have we worried so much about the big things in our lives that we passed up the small simple opportunities?

What opportunities are you missing by waiting?

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