“Never thought I’d hire a coach”

This is a comment I frequently hear from clients after we have decided to work together. It is funny sometimes where life takes you.

For me, hiring my first coach was the best investment I ever made.

Why? It was the first time someone gave me permission to think of me first.

My coach truly helped me believe that I could be myself and let go of the ideas of what others thought I should be.

Most of the time when clients choose to hire me to be their coach. It is because they have lost themselves to life and the things they were supposed to do or be.

I find they want an outside perspective on how to get on a path that is truly for them. Their souls are a bit lost in other people’s stuff and expectations.

They want more of out life then being caught up in the day to day drudges. They want passion for something deeper.

They want to be more present, see life clearer, and in a lighter view. Many times they feel so frustrated with life so they start Googling looking for something or someone to help.

Somehow they stumble on my website. Before long they have made an appointment and commenting “never thought I’d hire a life coach but so glad that I did.”

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