Why I don’t like to watch ambush makeovers!

Well the title is half the truth and I am being a bit mischievous. I do like watching makeovers. I love to see the before and after pictures and the new clothes the people are wearing. I like the response of the friends and family when they see their loved ones all dolled up.

The part I don’t like is that many times they have chosen people who haven’t cut their hair in years or worn makeup since high school. They choose people who say they never have time for themselves or are always doing things for everyone else in the family. Or worse they have been seriously ill with some disease or sickness.

Now I am happy for these ladies and the opportunity they are given to be pampered.

But I don’t like the message it sends to people, especially women. The message being that we need to wait for the “t.v.” makeover to take care of ourselves or that being a martyr or people pleaser is celebrated and rewarded in our society. While it is wonderful to help others and care for them at times, it is much more crucial to take care of ourselves first. No, this is not selfish! Because when we deplete ourselves to help others, we are actually hurting ourselves.

When we put our care and well-being first and help others second, we can give and receive fully. It is a win win!

So, don’t wait for an ambush makeover to pamper yourself. Start today with a makeover for yourself.

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